Can we think at LUXURY in a positive way?

2 June 2020
Can we think at LUXURY in a positive way?
We are convinced that yes, if luxury goes together with ethic, sustainability and local traditions.
In MG CASA we think for example of
– precious fabrics produced in Venice or in the Como area according to centuries-old traditions or that save productions that risked disappearing like the English Paisley ‘saved’ by De Le Cuona,
– rugs produced by craftsmen with “Child Labor Free” certification and using only natural materials,
– handmade furniture in the Milan-Brianza wood district with FSC certification,
– outdoor furniture produced entirely in Italy which had become a rarity
– handmade lamps by small artisan companies
– 100% Made in Italy steel taps
All this certainly has a cost, but behind it there is a wisdom and a respect for traditions, for the environment and for the dignity of workers that give the products an invaluable allure
We provide Italian furniture to architects, ID designers and clients