MG International was founded in 2008 by Massimo Gardini who – after having worked for more than 15 years as area manager and senior sales manager for Italian funiture companies – realized that even in the best company the attention to the client was often missing and considering the client as an ‘accessory’ rather than being the centre of the project. For this reason, Massimo decided to create a company whose mission is to offer not only high quality with competitive prices but also a close attention to Clients’ needs and wishes making them real through custom made projects of furniture that are closely linked to the person, to his modus vivendi or, if we talk about commercial spaces, to his own way to make business.

The company which was initially oriented mainly in the realization of projects in foreign countries has succeeded in closing ambitious assignments both in the private (houses, apartments, chalets) and in the professional sector (hotels, congress centres, SPAs, banks).

The work procedure is always the same: the design project by MG or by clients’ architect is transformed in a turnkey project carried out accurately and carefully, with competitive prices,  inlcuding the supplying of every necessary element, from flooring and refurbishings to sanitaries, furniture, lightning, equipment and accessories.

The smooth and flexible structure has allowed to limit costs considerably and to offer its clients competitive prices without giving up the skills that are necessary in the realization of costum made furnishings: space planning, furniture selection,  managing of the suppliers, site supervision and the assembly by specialized workforce.

The staff of MG has always been in the habit of managing big projects often far away from head office and now has succeeded to transfer this competence also to smaller assignments in terms of dimensions but nevertheless less important like a house or an apartment. This has allowed to keep expanding its client base also on the Italian market where the client can benefit from the overall view and the qualified consultancy on furnishings and to be relieved from all project’s tasks.

In 2015 MG International, in order to better communicate its vocation for both home and hotel furnishings to its clients, has created the brands MG CASA and MG CONTRACT and is also studying the application of Feng Shui principles to the spatial planning as normally done in some foreign countries where MG has assignments.