The professional experience of MG International is now at the service of the private clients: unique projects for homes that reflect the character and soul of the owners, their own tastes, aspirations and dreams.

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MG is the ideal partner for planning and design, production and sales of all furnishings for the hospitality industry and public areas

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MG International is a team of professionals specialized in spatial planning and production and sales of furniture both for home and hospitality industry. Thanks to the highly skilled and qualified architects and designers, MG International can provide a total system approach for equipment and furnishings for Homes, Hotels, Conference Rooms, Bars, Restaurants, SPAs and Offices.

The turnkey  project includes managing of suppliers, logistics and assembling of all elements.

Specializing in general contracting makes MG International the ideal partner also for architects and designers who want to offer their clients a all-in-one contact point.

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